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Intersectionality in autonomous journalism practices

Sandra Jeppesen | 2018 | in Journal of Alternative and Community Media, vol. 3, no. 1 Media activists who are women, queer, trans*, Indigenous and/or people of colour are shifting mediascapes through intersectional autonomous journalism practices. This community-based co-research project analyses data from six semi-structured focus group workshops with media […]

Direct-action journalism: resilience in grassroots autonomous media

Sandra Jeppesen | 2016 | in Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 383-403 Situating grassroots autonomous media within complex contemporary media ecologies and protest movements, this article uses resilience theory to critically analyse the characteristics generative of adaptive capacity in alternative media. The organizing […]

Understanding alternative media power: mapping content & practice to theory, ideology, and political action

Sandra Jeppesen | 2016 | in Democratic Communiqué, vol. 27 | pp. 54–77 Alternative media is a term that signifies a range of media forms and practices, from radical critical media to independent media, and from grassroots autonomous media to community, citizen and participatory media. This paper critically analyzes the […]