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Job Posting: Outreach Coordinator and Researcher with the Media Co-op and MARG

The Media Co-op (MC) is a coast-to-coast network of local media co-operatives dedicated to providing grassroots, democratic coverage of their communities and of Canada. Media Action Research Group (MARG) is an anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial research collective studying activist media to document the processes of organization in radical media, and to build networks and capacity within media activism communities from local to global. Working in a partnership, MC and MARG have created this joint position for an Outreach Coordinator and Researcher, to be filled by a candidate located in Toronto or Montreal. The candidate will work 10 hours/week with MC and 5 hours/week with MARG.

We are looking for a creative, energetic, and plugged-in person with solid knowledge or experience with alternative media to join the Media Co-op collective as Outreach Coordinator, and to contribute to MARG’s research project. You will work with MARG collective members in Toronto, and the Media Co-op’s national editorial collective to support the creation of top-quality radical, independent media for the Media Co-op network and flagship magazine, The Dominion.

As Outreach Coordinator, your primary responsibility will be to develop the presence of MC in Canada. We’re trying to grow our base of writers, readers, and paying-members while trying to create a place for progressive, diverse, and feminist news written in the public interest. You will work for ten hours a week on the following: seeking and soliciting content for both the Media Co-op (online) and The Dominion magazine; in-person outreach and fundraising through events, conferences, and coalitions; online outreach; in-depth development of targeted outreach for published articles; building relationships with existing alternative and radical media projects; and other tasks determined by the national Media Co-op’s staff collective.

As a MARG researcher, you will engage for five hours a week on our feminist alternative media research project, blogging about your experiences and your thoughts about community and alternative media, and contributing to the organization and creation of multiple forms of media proceedings from the May 2016 Media Activism Research Conference (MARC).

We need somebody with on-the-ground organizing experience, creativity, and energy to support and build the local presence of the Media Co-op and to place The Dominion magazine and our unique, critical community-powered journalism into the hands of people who want access to solid grassroots news and reporting; and to contribute experience, knowledge, and analysis to the MARG research project.

Duties and responsibilities:

Your work will include fundraising through events, conferences, and coalition building; leading basic website operations (some training can be provided); building relationships with existing alternative and radical media projects; contributing your reflections on media activism to the blog of the Media Action Research Group; contributing your skills and expertise to the collaborative media project documenting the May 2016 Media Activism Research Conference that was organized by MARG, and other tasks determined by the national Media Co-op’s staff collective and board of directors.

This position is funded through a partnership with the Media Action Research Group at Lakehead University.

This is a temporary position. Starting date: December 5, 2016. End date: May 31st, 2017.

Salary: 15 hrs/week at $16.67/hour.

Duties for the Media Co-op might include the following:


  • Fundraising for the Media Co-op through hosting events, soliciting membership, and subscription sales, and special fundraising projects, such as the acquisition of ads for special issues and/or online


  • Outreach and promotion of the MC through events, conferences, and coalition building
  • Online outreach through social media, listservs, and email
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Network/developing relationships with existing alternative and radical media


  • Basic website management and operations (non-specialist)

Duties for the Media Action Research Group might include the following:

  • Contribute to media action research with personal reflection and analysis through writing, blogging, etc.
  • Assist with the production of media projects arising out of Media Action Research Conference
  • Assist with research and outreach of media activists when needed
  • Assist with research promotion (web, social media) as needed

Desired Skills:

  • Highly organized and able to meet ongoing deadlines
  • Fundraising experience through membership drives, events, grant writing, and or subscription sales
  • Networking – social, in-person, vertical, and horizontal.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently with a team spread across the country
  • Strong writing skills
  • Background in academic and/or community research

Desired Experience

  • Experience in working with media/journalism
  • Familiarity in working with community organizations
  • Experience in anti-oppression practices and anti-racist, feminist, anti-ableist, queer  organizing
  • Demonstrable success in seeking direct funding through community outreach and grant writing
  • Strong commitment to social justice and community-based movements
  • Demonstrable experience in producing and editing online and/or print content

Work space: This is a virtual position; you must have access to your own computer and a reliable internet connection.

Anti-oppression: We prioritize candidates from historically marginalized groups who are systematically denied media work opportunities, including women, Black people, people of colour, indigenous people, queer and trans folks, people with disabilities, etc.

Language: While the Media Co-op aims to offer bilingual employment and content, this particular job is an English language position.

To apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume, and one writing sample (preferably as a single attachment) to info@mediaactionresearch.org with “Outreach Coordinator” in the subject line by 6 PM (EST) on November 18, 2016. Short-listed candidates will be contacted by November 25.

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