jedi communications

jedi communications

JEDI Communications can help you to expand on and build Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into your organizational everyday practices, systems and structures.

We build relationships with organizations through delivering services that can support the assessment of where you are currently in relation to the JEDI space, determine where you want to get to, create a roadmap tailored to your organizational needs, and support your steps along the way, by offering workshops, trainings, and impact assessments.



elevate jedi program

Valuing community, transformation, and social justice, we meet you where you are at and build on strengths while identifying spaces for opportunities and advancement. 

We offer a slate of modules. You can choose one to get started and build from there, you can commit to the whole package of nine modules from start to finish, or you can pick and choose the modules that best fit your organization.

If you don’t see exactly what you need here, we can work with you to design something that works for you. If you want to know more, get in touch.

module 1

jedi assessment

Understand your specific roadblocks to effective JEDI policy and organizational transformation
Provides vision and insight into how and why current JEDI policy is falling short – and what needs to change
JEDI Communications conducts a JEDI policy and practices audit
module 2

develop insights

Uncover hidden JEDI potential from the base to the boardroom
Provides insight into what staff at all levels already know and do – and what they think needs to changel
JEDI Communications facilitates self-assessments, conducts surveys, staff interviews and focus groups#Label
module 3

key transformations

Identify key areas for transformation of JEDI policy and practices to create a roadmap to industry leadership in JEDI
Provides opportunities for dialogue, problem solving, and setting new directions for JEDI with senior management
JEDI Communications synthesizes results of modules 1 & 2 in a report and dialogues with HR and senior management
module 4

staff training

Create proactive and accessible everyday practices to move from EDI policy to JEDI practice at every level of the organization, driving profound organizational culture shifts
Provides insight into what staff at all levels already know and do – and what they think needs to changel
JEDI Communications facilitates self-assessments, conducts surveys, staff interviews and focus groups#Label
module 5

jedi leadership

Activate leadership on transformative JEDI practices and policies
Boardroom, leadership, and executives get out in front on JEDI and become industry award winners, leadership necessary to model and support JEDI for staff
JEDI Communications provides training and workshops for leadership and executives, including toolkits for upper-level conversations
module 6

staff follow-up

Build and extend staff capacities on profound JEDI policies and practices
All staff collaborating on JEDI practice leads to increased staff harmony, and corporate profitability
JEDI Communications provides follow-up workshops for all staff, including assessments of growth achievements and opportunities
module 7

assess outcomes

Discover the profound impacts and outcomes of your JEDI transformation process
See what has changed, identify further potential, tweak toolkits in dialogue with staff and leadership, assess outcomes on an ongoing basis
JEDI Communications conducts a follow-up JEDI audit and compiles data on change in a report and presentation to stakeholders
module 8


Gain recognition in leading the industry or NGO sector in JEDI transformation and best practices
Publicity and awards will drive your organization to top-tier status and increase profile and profitability
JEDI Communications submits awards, develops communications strategy for promoting JEDI practices, generates publicity, writes media releases
module 9
(for-profit organizations only)


Registering as a B-Corporation to make social and environmental commitments to community
B stands for ‘Benefit’. B-Corporations are high-performing businesses with high standards for economic, social, and environmental impacts
JEDI Communications will help identify and implement required commitments, policy changes and shifts in practice; and submit your application to be a B-Corporation

Sandra Jeppesen

is the lead consultant and facilitator at JEDI Communications. She has worked with grassroots organizations and non-profits for over a decade, researching with them to understand their intersectional and anti-oppression work, and is now bringing that expertise forward in assessments, workshops, and trainings. 

I have been working alongside Sandra Jeppesen as part of the Child Youth and Families Services Coalition’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee for the past 12 months. Sandra’s insights into EDI work have helped to guide and inform the direction of our working group. Sandra’s approach is evidence-based, accountable, and results driven, with a deep understanding of EDI frameworks, organizational policy, and social justice. If you are an organization looking for an informed guide on your organizational EDI journey, I would highly recommend Sandra’s insights and vision to support that work. 
Rae Tuckey, B.Sc, SSW, RSSW, MSW Candidate Reg# 836009


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