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About MARG

MARG is a feminist collective that collaboratively researches with grassroots media activists to co-produce research and media toward transformative social change. Our work is guided by five pillars: anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, feminism, and queer & trans liberation. We have a multi-year research grant funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), through Lakehead University. We are using this opportunity to explore and document the processes of organization in radical media and to build networks and capacity within communities locally and internationally.

Through this website we will share our research and also provide a platform for all of our cohorts to receive training and share their projects with each other. In particular, we will be creating a digital map of various activist projects around the world and digital workshops for on-line skill sharing.

how are we doing this?

We want to disrupt how academic research is done traditionally by using alternative methods to connect with our participants. We want to make this project useful for media activists on the ground who are building organizations and creating content.

We are making media activism central to this project. Using a methodology called “Participatory Action Research” – we want people involved with this project to feel empowered and have a say in their involvement. Because of this we feel that relationship building and collaboration are central to this process.

what kind of media activism?

We want to include a diverse array of media activism: from radio to print to blogs to zines to video. We are prioritizing the media produced by marginalized communities who have otherwise been systemically excluded from more dominant forms of media. We are especially wanting to hear from those who do queer, trans, anti-racist, feminist and anti-colonial media.

how we connect with people

Our research is based with relationship building and with bridging different media projects together. This project will be a way for media activists to not only share their experiences us, but also share their projects with different media activists across the world.