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Media Activism Conference on LIVESTREAM!

Can’t come to the Media Activism Research Conference? Our keynote panel and other panels will be livestreamed through the weekend. Check out the entire livestream here on YouTube. (

Reflections on Social Media and Political Work

by Carolin Huang What does it mean to do political work through social media? As someone who grew up with the Internet, I have been privy to the social interactions that the Internet has enabled. The grounds for us to find others with similar politics, visions, priorities and goals are ever-so-expansive. It means that we … Read more

2016 media activism research conference

500 University Ave. Orillia
May 12-15, 2016

Mark your calendars! MARG is organizing the Media Activism Research Conference (MARC), in Orillia, Ontario, Canada from May 12 – 15, 2016 and we want to see you there! MARC will bring together researchers, activists, students, and community members interested in strengthening grassroots transformative media through networking, knowledge sharing, and skill-sharing.

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